Cajun Music Shows

No trip to this area can be complete without listening to

 the sounds of Fiddles and Accordions playing true Cajun Music.

  We can arrange for your group to sit in and listen to musicians 

not only play some Cajun Tunes but also learn how the instruments work and here the explanation of the songs and the “stories” behind

 some of the lyrics. At the end of the show your group will be invited

 to join in on the fun by playing small T-Fers (triangles), Spoons and Scrubboards along with the band.

​Now that you've got feet tapping to the music and have played

along with the band you can keep the Rhythm going by partaking

​in learning a few simple Cajun Dance Steps. Our instructors who

​are not formal teachers but just regular people like you and I take

​the group through the lesson Step by Step making if fun for all.