(Crawfish & Rice)

CRAWFISH!!! Got your attention?

 Well although many are familiar with this little crustacean not many

 know where they come from and how they are farmed.  We have

 put together a unique experience in educating on the  relationship

 between Crawfish and Rice farming. As you may also know every Good Cajun Dish is served with rice such as Gumbos and Jambalays a Good ole Crawfish Etouffee.  Part of this tour is also to visit the beautiful Historic City of Crowley, LA  which has been titled the "Rice Capital of the World".  So joins us on a journey of Crawfish and Ric in how they get from the field to the table.


Spring Time is Peak Crawfish Season, Can you smell them Boiling??

Note: Due to farming being seasonal tour options may vary throughout the year